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Staphylococcus epidermidis

Cell Wall: Gram Positive Shape: Cocci
Biochemistry: Catalase Positive, Coagulase Negative
Associated factors
  • Polysaccharide capsule allows adherence to prosthetic devices.
Culture and Detection
  • Blood cultures are frequently contaminated with S. epidermidis as needle passes through the skin. Generally, consider a S. epidermidis bactermia if blood draws from two separate places grow the organism.
Clinical Consequences
  • Overview
    • In healthy individuals S. epidermidis is part of the normal skin flora. The organism results in clinical disease only in patients possessing prosthetic devices to which the bacteria can easily adhere.
  • Possible Pathologies
    • Septic Arthritis via prosthetic joints
    • Infective Endocarditis via prosthetic heart valves
    • Bacteremia and sepsis via intravenous lines
    • UTI via foley catheter.
  • S. epidermidis is resistant to many antibiotics so first choice is Vancomycin.