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  • Inflammation of the nasal mucosa
Infectious Rhinitis
  • Medical term for the just the 'Common Cold'
  • Pathophysiology: Usually caused by infection with Adenovirus, Echoviruses, or Rhinovirus
  • Symptoms: Edema of nasal mucosa with production of thick exudate along with sore throat.
  • Can undergo bacterial super-infection or progress to sinusitis]
Allergic Rhinitis
  • Medical term for 'Hay Fever'
  • Pathophysiology: A Type I Hypersensitivity reaction to environmental antigens resulting in infiltration of the nasal mucosa with an eosinophilic infiltrate.
  • Symptoms: Edema of the nasal mucosa and increased production of mucus
  • Can undergo bacterial super-infection or progress to sinusitis
  • Increased risk in those with possession of HLA-DR2 allele