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  • Lymphangiomas are the lymphatic analog of hemangiomas and represent benign proliferations of lymphatic vessels. Similar to hemangiomas two morphological subtypes, Capillary and Cavernous, have been desribed.
Capillary Lymphangioma
  • Capillary Lymphangiomas are analogous to the capillary hemangiomas and manifest as 1-2cm balls of small lymphatic vessels. They usually occur superficially in the skin and can be distinguished from capillary hemangiomas because they do not contain blood cells.
Cavernous Lymphangioma (AKA: Cystic Hygroma)
  • Cavernous Lymphangiomas are analogous to the cavernous hemangiomas and manifest as small to potentially large (up to 15cm) balls of dilated lymphatic vessels with little intervening connective tissue. These lesions are usually observed in the neck or axillae and for unknown reasons are associated with Turner Syndrome.