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Haemophilus ducreyi

Cell Wall: Gram Negative Shape: Coccoid Rod
  • H. ducreyi is a sexually transmitted disease
Clinical Consequences
  • Chancroid
    • H. ducreyi is the etiologic agent of "Chancroid" which is characterized the simultaneous development of sharply-demarcated, painful ulcers on the genitals. This is often accompanied by tenderness and supperative lymphadenopathy of the inguinal lymph nodes which in some cases can rupture. Chanchroid lesions are also of concern because their presence can facilitate transmission of HIV.
  • Differential Diagnosis
    • Chancroid is often confused with these other diseases
    • Primary Syphilis: Primary syphilitic ulcers and lymphadenopathy can mimic chancroid; however, these signs are painless in syphilis and lymphadenoapthy is not supperative
    • HSV: Ruptured herpetic vesicles can mimic chancroid; however, these signs are often accompanied by constitutional symptoms in genital herpes
    • Lymphogranuloma Venerum (LGV): The supperative lymphadenopathy of LGV can mimic that of chanchroid; however, genital ulceration and lymphadenopathy do not coexist simultaneously in LGV as they do chanchroid
  • Azithromycin