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  • Demratofibromas represent benign focal proliferations of dermal elements frequently with overlying hyperpigmentation and manifest as small, brown papules and nodules, usually on the lower extremities.
  • Dermatofibromas are typically dome-shaped, firm, papules or nodules with a brownish color. Classically, squeezing of the skin around dermatofibromas lead to their invagination into the skin, termed the "dimple sign".
  • Histologically, dermatofibromas represent tight focal proliferations of fibroblasts, and collagen fibers. The overlying epidermis is frequently thickened and displays increased pigment.
Clinical Consequences
  • Dermatofibromas are not dangerous and only bothersome in so far as their cosmesis. Surgical removal is possible; however, the resultant scar may be more unsightly than the lesion itself.