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  • Carbapenems are a structurally-related class of Beta-lactam Antibiotics defined by a common modification of the beta-lactam ring. The carbapenems are highly resistant to beta-lactamases and can easily diffuse through gram negative membrane. Carbapenems are powerful and provide some of the widest coverage of both gram negative bacteria and gram positive bacteria. Because of their usefulness, usage is limited as much as possible to prevent resistance.
Member Drugs
  • Imipenem
    • Imipenem is inactivated by the renal enzyme "Dihydropeptidase" into a potentially nephrotoxic metabolite. To prevent inactivation and nephrotoxicity, an inhibitor of this dihydropeptidase "cilastin" must be co-administered with imipenem. Imipenem can make individuals prone to seizures.
  • Meropenem
    • Is not inactivated by dihydropeptidase and is less likely to cause seizures