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Genome: RNA Virus, Negative ssRNA Virus Structure: Enveloped Virus
  • Bunyaviruses are a family of structurally-related arboviruses which are primarily transmitted by both rodent and arthropod vectors.
Hanta Virus
  • Transmission
    • Humans are inoculated with hantavirus through aerosolized secretions of infected rodents, probably from their urine or feces. The virus has a world-wide distribution but in the US is most commonly encountered in the Desert Southwest.
  • Clinical Consequences
    • In the US, Hantavirus infection has resulted in "Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome" characterized by a sudden onset of constitutional symptoms followed by severe pulmonary edema. The intense leakage of fluid into alveoli can result in hypoxemia and eventually ARDS. Although infection is extremely rare, it is also extremely fatal.
Other Bunyaviruses
  • Transmission
    • A variety of bunyaviruses are transmitted by mosquitoes. These include California Encephalitis, LaCrosse Encephalitis, Rift Valley Fever.
  • Clinical Consequences
    • These disease have diverse clinical consequences but frequently include in a component of encephalitis.