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Beta-lactamase Inhibitors

  • One of the primary mechanisms by which bacteria develop resistance against Beta-lactam Antibiotics is through acquiring enzymes which cleave the beta-lactam ring and thus inactivate this class of antibiotics. These enzymes, known as "Beta-lactamases", are widespread among many bacterial species and have reduced the spectrum of many beta-lactam antibiotics. The beta-lactamase inhibitors are pharmacological inhibitors of beta-lactamases and thus prevent the capacity of bacteria to inactivate beta-lactam antibitoics. Beta-lactamase inhibitors are thus frequently co-administered with beta-lactam antibiotics.
Member Drugs
  • Clavulanic Acid
  • Tazobactam: Often used in combination with the piperacillin, known as "Zosyn"
  • Sulbactam