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Genome: DNA Virus, dsDNA Virus Structure: Nonenveloped Virus, Icosahedral Virus
  • Adenoviruses are a family of related viruses which share a common structure, pattern of infection, and result in similar clinical consequences.
  • Adenoviruses only effectively infect epithelia and can cause disease in the respiratory epithelium, GI epithelium, and conjunctiva. In general, infection is most common in children.
Clinical Consequences
  • Upper Respiratory Infection:
    • Characterized by rhinitis, pharyngitis, and fever. Occasionally, infection can lead to pneumonia but this is rare.
  • Infectious Diarrhea
  • Conjunctivitis
    • Infection of the eye's conjunctiva is often a component of adenoviral URI. A more severe, solitary keratoconjunctivitis popularly known as "Pink Eye" is also possible with certain serotypes.