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Beta2 Receptor

Mechanism of Action
  • The Beta2 Receptor is a generally excitatory GPCR connected to the Gs G-protein. Briefly, following receptor stimulation, activated Gs leads to stimulation of adenylyl cyclase and the generation of cAMP which induces further downstream signaling responsible for the physiological actions of beta2 receptor activation.
Physiological Anatomy
  • Overview
    • The physiological actions of beta2 receptors center around relaxation of smooth muscle and modulation hepatic metabolism.
  • Bronchioles
    • Activation of Beta2 Receptors within bronchiolar sooth muscle leads to bronchodilation and thus reduced airflow resistance within the lung.
  • Uterus
    • Activation of Beta2 Receptors within the uterine smooth muscle leads to uterine relaxation
  • Vasculature
    • Activation of Beta2 Receptors within the vascular smooth muscle leads to vasodilation and thus reduced systemic vascular resistance.
  • Hepatic Glucose Metabolism
    • Activation of Beta2 Receptors within the liver stimulates glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis, together increasing blood glucose concentration.