Genome: RNA Virus, Positive ssRNA Virus Structure: Nonenveloped Virus, Icosahedral Virus
  • Caliciviruses are a grouping of structurally-related viruses which primarily cause viral gastroenteritis. Norwalk Virus is the most prominent member of this group.
  • Norwalk Virus replicates within and damage the small intestinal enterocytes. In doing so, the virus deranges GI water and electrolyte absorption, clinically manifesting as diarrhea.
Clinical Consequences
  • Infection with norwalk virus is similar to but generally milder than infection with rotaviruses. A watery infectious diarrhea usually manifests 1-2 days following inoculation and is accompanied by fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain. The disease is typically self-limited and rarely leads to hospitalization.